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When companies in the same industry but with different focuses work together, this can offer decisive advantages for all involved. Especially if both sides are flexible and open-minded, this holds great potential for successful project implementations. We are in regular contact with our partners in order to work out new ways of cooperation and to always be able to offer our customers the best possible service. Especially in the IT industry it is necessary to be always up to date and better still one step ahead.

Advantages of a partnership

– Profit from new ideas and more power of implementation.

– Expand your portfolio with services that you can offer through us.

– Open up new markets with it.

– Increase your customer base by offering a more diverse range of products.

“Through the cooperation with ambiFOX, we can now offer our customers individual complete solutions from the simple Internet line to professional telecommunications to the finished site networking. Thus, the customer gets everything from a single source and always the best solution for his company. The employees of ambiFOX are committed and have extensive know-how. We are glad that we can always rely on the Foxes.”

Patrick Deecke

Board of Directors, SYNO Consulting Group AG

“We support ambiFOX in terms of operational services for your solutions, i.e. we take on service and maintenance orders. The communication always works professionally and at eye level, so that we can complete orders quickly, easily and in the interest of the user. In case of questions or unexpected problems, an employee of the foxes is always immediately available and assists with words and deeds – an all-round service that convinces us and also the customers. “ahren could not reach.”

Hans Christian Asemissen

Managing Director, ALSO Enterprise Services GmbH

One portal – many possibilities

Profit from our all-round tool

In order to make it easier for us to work with our partners and to offer our customers a transparent and functional interface, we have developed a common platform that is constantly being expanded with new functionalities.

Networks can be controlled and monitored via the portal. So far, access allows you to do the following:

  • New router locations can be planned. This enables automated, mass rollout.
  • Orders can be placed and are automatically sent out to the supplier.
  • An order summary provides an overview.
  • Hardware is monitored and locations are visualized on a map. By displaying the respective router status, faults can be detected immediately.
  • Users are managed in the portal.

The following advantages result for our partners in particular:

For resellers:

Customer data and all associated contracts for project handling can be maintained and managed.

For technicians/support

Routers are monitored and indicate faults and bottlenecks at an early stage so that the cause can be found quickly and acted upon.

For rollout partners

Orders can be viewed and processed at a central location.

You want to be a partner?

Then get in touch with us directly and we can work out together how both parties can benefit from each other.

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