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We often rely on Juniper’s “session smart routing” when setting up networks today. SSR networks are based on a completely rethought technology. This means that there are not only new terms to learn, but that the functioning, structure and configuration of such a network must be understood.

You can learn all this in our nocware® academy!

Before you start, we recommend you to have a look at our Video or read the Infotexts which will give you a good insight into the new features and possibilities of Session Smart Routing.

Our training is divided into a basic and an advanced course.
In the basic course we explain terms from the special vocabulary and introduce you to the basic knowledge of the software.
In the advanced course you will learn everything you need to know to set up, configure and maintain a network with SSR.

In addition to short, informative videos, the training provides extensive information on the overall structure of the technology. There are also tests in which you can directly apply and prove your newly acquired knowledge.

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What awaits you in the academy

Online training platform

You will be guided through the training in our web-based application and can learn “on demand” – according to your needs.

Personalized user and company roles

Depending on the company’s needs, we offer different courses such as “Session Smart Routing” Basics, Advanced and Sales Training.

Individual learning courses

We offer multi-tenant company accounts to provide the appropriate training content for each employee.

Video Content

The Academy offers video courses with hundreds of learning slides and voice-over explanations.

Advanced learning environment

Additionally, there are Academy features such as quizzes, integrated personal feedback, certificates and more.

Knowledge database

The internal database contains documentation, learning materials, an SSR lexicon and an integrated community board.

Practical learning experience

Learn “Session Smart Routing” hand-in-hand with our nocware® lab. In the test environment you train your SSR skills within a network simulation.

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