What awaits you in the nocware® lab

Test your knowledge in practice

After you have expanded your knowledge in our nocware® academy and have been immersed in the world of session smart technology, it is time to put your new expertise into practice and run through test scenarios.
Of course, you can also use our test environment if you are already familiar with Juniper’s Session Smart Routing.

All this is possible in our nocware® lab!

Online test environment

The nocware® lab is a test environment for simulating networks. Here, the knowledge acquired in the academy can be applied in practice.

Extensive simulations

How does your network react to certain influences? Here you can simulate connections with packet loss or complete failures of lines or routers.

Not only Juniper 128T

In our nocware® lab, we also offer the virtualization of other routers and other software in order to actually map the entire network and thus be able to test realistic scenarios.

Bidirectional nocware® connection

Convert a live environment from the nocware® Portal into a test environment and a test environment into a nocware® Portal live environment. (coming soon)

Personalized user and company projects

We offer multi-tenant company accounts in the nocware® lab to provide each user with a personal test environment.

Ready for the field test?

Play through customer scenarios, test network environments and deepen your knowledge.