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What good is the most groundbreaking technology, the most visionary software, functional enhancements and the best management and monitoring tool if you don’t have someone with the expertise to design and implement the whole package?

Genau an dieser Stelle setzt unser nocware® services an. Unter diesem Modul sind alle Dienstleistungen rund um unser Allround-Produkt zusammengefasst. Von der Beratung über die Planung bis hin zur Umsetzung und Wartung ist hier unsere gesamte Manpower vereint, mit der wir dein Netzwerk schnell und sicher ans Laufen bringen.

But first things first… We will show you all the steps in setting up a corporate network one by one.

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You want to improve, expand or replace your existing network? Or are you starting from scratch and facing the task of having to set up a whole new network? No problem. We check your current situation and analyse all requirements together with you in order to work out an individual solution. Thanks to our expertise in site networking, we can design your tailor-made corporate network from a wide range of solutions, technologies and in-house developments.

After consultation, coordination and rough sketching, we move on to the more detailed design of your network. We create network plans for precise planning. This allows us to visualize the exact structure and to easily identify gaps, possible problem areas or still missing connections and to rectify them. On the basis of the network plan, the implementation phase can then begin.

Before we put your new network into operation, it will of course be put through its paces. This means that we do a test run (PoC) in which various scenarios and selected requirements are tested. This way we can make sure that everything runs smoothly during the subsequent live run.




After a successful PoC, the implementation phase begins. Here, your network is fully configured, we set up the appropriate software and ensure that the right hardware arrives at the right place and is connected. Thanks to our automation systems, we can carry out rollouts with numerous routers at a wide range of locations quickly, easily and securely. And best of all, there is no need for a trained technician to be on site to connect the end devices.

Once a network is set up, it must continue to be managed. Your data is stored securely – depending on your requirements – on our servers or on cloud servers. You can specify which employees in your company can access which data. This way we always have an overview of your rights management and can determine exactly which user should have which rights in your network.

Using over 3000 metrics, we can accurately evaluate the data flow in your network. Mit unserem eigens entwickelten nocware® Portal haben wir das komplette Netzwerk mit allen Standorten immer im Blick und können so auf Engpässe frühzeitig reagieren, damit es nicht zu Störungen oder Ausfällen kommt. The portal can be used by both the provider and the end customer to control and monitor networks.

Mehr Infos zum Portal gibt es hier.




A complex network must of course also be maintained. To ensure maintenance, your network is continuously put through its paces. We also carry out regular updates to ensure that the software is always up to date. This way you can use all functionalities at any time and you don’t have to worry about updates.

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions for improvement, our support experts will be happy to help you. And that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians will help you with all your network needs. We are able to react directly in the event of bottlenecks, analyse errors and rectify them as quickly as possible.

The digital world is constantly changing, we all know that. There are always new opportunities and the requirements are also constantly growing. We have all of this in mind. We respond to your needs and take care of extensions and adaptations for your network, so that your company always has its finger on the pulse and is always prepared for new challenges.