Transparency for your network

The heart of nocware®

We strongly believe that Juniper’s Session Smart Routing technology will take today’s networks to a new level worldwide. At ambiFOX, we already operate the most complex SSR network environment in the world.
But we go one step further!

Junipers 128 Technology’s innovative routing software includes the so-called Conductor. This is the name of the interface that can be used to control and configure the entire network. The Conductor provides deep insights into the structure of a network and offers numerous functionalities. But this also means that it is extremely complex – from experts for experts, so to speak. And this is exactly where we come in with our nocware® core module.

The core contains our specially developed portal as well as numerous extensions that automate network processes. We have made it our mission to develop a management and monitoring tool that you don’t have to be a technician or even a session smart routing expert to use. It is user-friendly and intuitive to use.

This extension to the session smart routing software can be used by both the provider and the end user to control and monitor networks. Just leave the technical part and support to us, while you always have your networks in view – whether in ambiFOX nocware® design or as a whitelabel solution in your own branding.

It still goes a little better

SSR native conductor core
User typeSSR trainedSSR novice, non-technical, semi-technical
Config accessAdvanced data model subject to RBACSimplified through operator defined and template
Platform Scaling Model2 active-active node cluster per authorityCloud based microservices
Configuration management
Router lifecycle management
Low level system access
Alerting (SMS, email, etc.)
UX re-branding and customization
Inventory management
Marketplace, ordering, service delivery

But that is not all. Due to our many years of experience in the network sector and especially our know-how in setting up networks based on Session Smart Routing, we know exactly which requirements exist on the market and where the customer’s shoe pinches now and then.

Therefore, we have closed some gaps with our extensions and developed automations and functionalities with which networks can be set up and managed easily and in the shortest possible time. We can also claim to run the most complex session smart solution in the world.

The table on the left shows which adjustments we have made to improve the functions of the Conductor and which additional features are available in our nocware® portal.
And we wouldn’t be the ambitious Foxes if we weren’t constantly working on optimizing processes even further and automating time-consuming procedures to make life easier for our customers by saving time and money.

To get an overview of the functionalities of our portal, just have a look at the list below. This will be updated regularly and will keep you up to date on which features have already been implemented and which are in the planning stage.

You have a suggestion for improvement or an idea for any other functionality that could optimize the network? Then text us!

Router life cycle

In this graphic you can see how an automated rollout with ambiFOX nocware® works and which path the router takes.

What is nocware® core capable of?

Feature list

See what our nocware® core can do, which new features our developers are already working on and which are still vision but already prepared to be implemented next.

already implemented
in progress

Release notes

In our release notes you can see in detail which new features, improvements and bug fixes we have implemented.

Automated rollout

This feature already enables the standardized rollout of 128T routers. Every single router is preconfigured by us. After connection at the respective location, it installs the final configuration for the corresponding network fully automatically by means of specially developed tools.
More info here >>

Rest API first

Our nocware® portal is available as a rest API. This gives us the perfect interface to integrate our own web apps, our own monitoring or our own ERP/CRM systems, etc.

Conductor Import

There are supposed to be still customers who do the installation without nocware® and our Clone Proxy (more info here).
Existing routers and complete networks can therefore be added very easily via a simple import into nocware®.

Multi Tenancy

The ambiFOX portal is available to all customers as a single instance and can be restricted via the authorization control. This means that partners/customers/resellers can also be granted access.

Email Alerting

The analysis of network properties and system states is one side of the coin. The other is alerting. If previously defined conditions are detected during the analysis of the router KPIs, all predefined persons (whether on the provider or end customer side) are notified by e-mail.

External Reference

Almost all objects can be linked to your own ERP/CRM system etc. via the “External Reference”.
This makes it easy to maintain internal contract relationships to the hardware, for example, or to store which ISP contract is connected to which LAN port.


The portal offers the possibility to organize certain groups of routers in projects. Usually, a project contains all connected routers of a network, each of which may contain one or more conductors. A project can currently consist of up to 2,000 routers.


The use of the web app is available to all customers as standard in the ambiFOX nocware® branding.
In addition, we offer a white label solution where the web app is customized to your corporate design, for example with your logo and color scheme.

Simple test

Our view link is a special link that can be used to open a predefined status page for a specific router in the web app. During a rollout, for example, this enables the technician on site to view the status of the new router. The user also receives recommendations for action if a value does not correspond to the predefined status. These automated checks facilitate a rollout enormously, especially for companies with numerous locations.

Multi Language

The language can be changed in the default web app from the provider. The languages available so far are English and German.

128T/Conductor Event Stream

Due to the perfect integration of the Juniper 128T Conductor and nocware®, we can react directly to every event created by the Conductor – for example, with automatic updates of imported routers or through better and faster information flow in case of status changes.

Report Generator

The report generator is to realize the visualization, the preparation and the dispatch of predefined KPIs for certain time periods.

Notify me

Notify me makes it possible to control alerts even more granularly and also to execute them via other channels such as Microsoft Teams.user-friendly.

Router security

Each router receives its final configuration via a special link(activation link). If, for example, the router is lost in transit, it is not yet integrated into the customer’s network, which means that it cannot be infiltrated and security is guaranteed at all times.

Basic Router Management

Our portal within the nocware® core offers the possibility to change router settings such as IP address, DHCP range etc. in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

Network Designer

In the future, networks can be configured in our portal via a graphical user interface – quite simply via wizard-driven drag & drop functionality. This makes it possible to easily combine entire networks instead of laboriously programming them via the 128T Conductor.

Juniper MIST & Marvis Integration

This allows us to roll out, configure and monitor not “only” Juniper 128T routers but also Juniper switches and entire WLANs with nocware® – and even AI-/self-driven.

Self-service via router

Wizards can be used, for example, to set up new peers (128T connections) between routers or to change the prioritization of applications. This eliminates the need for 128T expertise and enables significant savings throughout the change and support workflow.

Secret rollout star

Our Clone Proxy

Our Clone Proxy can be described as the heart of the automated rollout process. Together with the nocware® core and the redirector, it ensures that the session smart routers receive the appropriate configuration completely automatically.

But how does it all work?

As a customer, the first step begins even before you receive the router: Configurations and images can be set up in our nocware® portal – completely individually and according to the requirements per router or project.
After switching on, the router automatically reports to our Clone Proxy and gets the Session Smart version installed that is suitable for it. By this time, the router does not have its final configuration, but it can already be shipped to the destination site.
This has the following decisive advantage: If the router is lost, the security that there is still no connection to the company network is guaranteed at all times, thus ruling out the possibility of third parties gaining access to company data.

Once the router is in place, the individual configuration is automatically loaded via the redirector, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the rollout process. Afterwards, the router is assigned to the corresponding conductor and can be managed and monitored directly in our nocware® portal.

Software and licenses

Every company has its own individual requirements for a network. The basis for this is the software. Together we will find out which technology is the best for your company.